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Friday, May 16, 2008

Doomsday delayed

Friday, May 16, 2008
…Norway, the country that has ‘The Doomsday Vault’ and visiting doctors who have prescribed miracles for their sick patients

By Dan and Peter Wooding
Special to ASSIST News Service

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY (ANS) -- Norway is the 5th largest country in Europe; a nation of Vikings and abounding fjords and The Doomsday Vault, that will house seeds from all known varieties of food crops that is expected to provide food in the event of a major catastrophe such as a nuclear war.

And recently, from May 14-15, 2008, some 200 doctors and medical professionals from 28 countries descended on this quiet town, not far from the Arctic Circle, for the 5th Annual International Christian Medical Conference, to share evidence about what for many of their patients appeared to be their own “doomsday” – when they learn that they have an untreatable disease.

“There is a spiritual revolution taking place by Christian doctors around the world who met to affirm God’s power with their expertise and knowledge in medicine,” said one attendee.

Delegates from AfricaThese doctors, from places like Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, were all Christians who believe in the power of prayer and the fact that there are times when medical treatment has to give up – and then God’s Power takes over.

They met under the auspices of the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) and Dr. Yoon-Seok Chae, President of WCDN explained, “Although most advanced medical science such as successful researches on cloning of animals with stem cell has emerged, it is true that numerous incurable diseases and deadly emerging diseases have been increasing continually in spite of that development. The truth health can be described as a state of being peace physically and mentally. God is the only One who knows all about people and most of all, is able to cure our various diseases.”

During the two-day gathering, doctors took turns in presenting case studies of miracles they had experiences with the date flashed on a big screen and then allowed questions from the medical audience.

These ranged from a man being raised from the dead, to a detached retina being healed, to other diseases both large and small.

Dr. Armando Pineda, who is now based in Florida and is Director of the World Christian Doctors Network USA, spoke passionately about the need for doctors to pray for their patients, citing the example of many Cubans he had been ministering to being set free from witchcraft.

He added: “Doctors are the most credible people to testify to God’s healing powers. We need to realize that miracles are far more contagious than any disease.”

One of the non-medical attendees -- Mikhail Morgulis, Chairman of the Spiritual Diplomacy Project, and a well know journalist originally from Ukraine -- said, “This conference has been like a Christian holiday for me because we have been given a lot of proof of the power of God today.
This resource items from our medical friends are a contemporary demonstration of miracles and show that miracles didn’t cease some 2,000 years ago, but our God is still working today.”

The conference itself lasted only two days, but many who attended believe its ripple effect will spread to all corner of the earth with more miracles being prescribed by more doctors for their patients...

The conference organisers announced at the end of the conference that next year's gathering will be held in May 2009 in Kiev, Ukraine.

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