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Friday, December 07, 2007

This is not just love – this is God’s love


“This is not just love – this is God’s love.”

Award-winning radio group GRF Christian Radio have made their latest audio production available for churches and schools to download free-of-charge from the Internet.

'M & S Christianity' is a series of six thoughts, in the style of the ubiquitous Marks and Spencer TV food commercials.Love, life, forgiveness, happiness, ambition – each thought contrasts the authentic versions with the dog-eared versions that so many of us just settle for.

Each MP3 file is 46 seconds long and can be downloaded free of charge from Audiopot - the UK's online library of creative Christian audio at


GRF Christian Radio
Founded in 1948, GRF has been producing a wide range of programmes for radio stations in Britain and across the globe. GRF's role is one of partnership - making programmes which complement the exisiting programme schedules of stations, both mainstream and Christian. They have supplied programmes to more than 150 outlets worldwide and new partnerships are being formed every year. GRF Christian Radio are a charity and their programmes are all made by an interdenominational team of volunteers working in the evenings and at weekends. Their website is at more information about GRF phone 0141 221 9447 or email <>

Audiopot is the UK's online library of creative Christian audio. This popular website offers free access to over 1900 MP3 files of thoughts, interviews and faith stories produced by some of the best Christian radio producers in Britain. The site is easy to search and perfect for illustrating talks, starting discussions in the classroom or playing on local radio. Registration is free at is a ministry of HCJB-UK based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Rather than focus on the traditional world of Christian radio, HCJB-UK has a passion to reach those outside the church who listen to mainstream radio stations. To achieve this we use the name 'Whistling Frog Productions' - placing our award-winning radio material on local commercial stations, resourcing Christians already working in the radio industry and offering quality training to aspiring Christian broadcasters. The ethos of Whistling Frog Productions is simple: to produce creative, non-cheesy radio for an un-churched audience on Christian themes, making sure the final product is entertaining, thought-provoking and definitely not preachy. The Whistling Frog Productions team also produces a weekly Sunday breakfast show on commercial radio in West Yorkshire, and they operate a Radio Volunteers Group in Bradford every Tuesday evening. HCJB-UK's website is at more information about Audiopot or HCJB-UK contact Colin Lowther on 01274 721810 or email <>

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Sing Up for Scotland's Biggest Carol Concert
The BIG Partnership


DJs are aiming to break records rather than play them this festive season with the help of Tesco.

Charity organisers are hoping to beat the world record for the biggest ever carol concert on December 16th to mark the end of the Every Penny Counts fundraising campaign for needy children.

The world record for the biggest carol concert stands at 7,514 people, which organisers hope to beat.

Dawn Gibson, Marketing and Communications Director for Emap Radio Charities, said:

"The carol concert will mark the end of the Every Penny Counts campaign which we have been running with Tesco to raise money for underprivileged children. We thought a lovely way to end the campaign would be to organise a carol concert which families can all attend and celebrate all the money that has been raised to help local children.

"We will be holding five concerts simultaneously in the areas of MFR, Tay, Northsound, Forth and South West Sound and we will broadcast them on December 23rd”. We are going to try and beat the world record but if we don’t manage it then we think this will still be the biggest carol concert Scotland has ever seen.”

Local children’s charities in each of the radio station areas are set to benefit from the four week fund-raiser which has seen 71 Tesco stores nationwide participating.

Angus Bell, Tesco's Scottish Marketing Manager, said:

“It has been a pleasure for us to be involved in the Every Penny Counts campaign and this festive carol concert will be a lovely end to the campaign. It we manage to beat the world record for the biggest carol concert it really will end on a high note for us!"

Five Tesco stores taking part in the Christmas Carol Concert are the Inverness Extra; Dundee Kingsway Extra; Dumfries Extra; Aberdeen Extra and Corstorphine Extra

Issued on behalf of Emap and Tesco by The BIG Partnership

For further information on this release please contact
Kate McCheyne on 0141 333 9585/07766076469 or
Gillian Hamilton on 0141 333 9585/07734656676

Monday, December 03, 2007

Scottish Broadcasting Commission wants your views

Earlier this year the Scottish Government set up the Scottish Broadcasting Commission with a remit to conduct an independent investigation into the current state of television production and broadcasting in Scotland and define a strategic way forward for the industry. The Commission is required to produce its report in 2008.

The Scottish Broadcasting Commission are now asking people to come forward with their views on television broadcasting in Scotland.
The Commission is currently looking at those factors which have an influence on the economic potential of broadcasting in Scotland and is seeking evidence of people's experiences, knowledge and views on this.

They want to hear from everyone who has a say in this matter - from the Chief Executives of the major broadcasters to the grip on the latest period drama production, the indie producer making their latest pitch, the camera operator in the studio, the Corrie fan or the watcher of Songs of Praise.

A new website for the Commission has now gone live and can be found at