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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sad that offer to pray is treated so harshly

Extracts from HeraldTalk Wednesday 4th February 2009

From Rev C Brian Ross, Motherwell

I am increasingly concerned at the way in which some Christians in the UK are being treated, purely because of their Christian faith. The most recent situation concerns Caroline Petrie, a married mother of two, who has been suspended, without pay, from her job as a community nurse, simply for offering to pray with an elderly patient ("Suspension for nurse who offers to pray for her patients", The Herald, February 2).

It is a sad state of affairs when the offer to pray for someone is treated in such a harsh way. I am old enough to remember when the UK was, at least nominally, a Christian country.

I can only agree, and express the hope that common sense will prevail, and that Mrs Petrie will be fully re-instated. Don't tell the North Somerset Primary Care Trust, which has taken this ridiculous attitude, but I'll be praying for Caroline.

From Dr Euan Dodds, St George's-Tron Church, Glasgow

I worked as a doctor for four years and the only patients I ever received thank-you cards from were those with whom I had prayed.

How terrible it would be if professionals were reduced to treating the disease and not the person.

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