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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Government proposes 'homophobic hatred law'

The Second Reading of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill took place in the Westminster Parliament on Monday 8 October. As expected the Government made a statement on a proposed 'homophobic hatred law' with Jack Straw saying that they wanted to see this offence added to the Bill.

Mr Straw said that the 'starting point' for the drafting of the new offence would be the existing religious hatred law which contains substantial protections for free speech. However politicians can often change their minds and the impact of a new law will depend on its precise wording and not on ministerial reassurances.

Jack Straw indicated that Christians had already spoken to him about their concerns and Christian objections to this new law were widely reported in the UK national press.

Details of the news coverage can be found on the Christianinstitute website.

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