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Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Youth Officer for SBS

The Scottish Bible Society has appointed a new Youth Development Manager – Fiona Baker – or Fi to you and me !

From teenagers to university students and young professionals, Fi’s role is to help young people in
Scotland engage with the Bible, and develop programmes and resources geared towards youth and young adults.

Fi is available to visit youth and young adult meetings or events - to speak about the Bible and the work of SBS and she is keen to see young people involved in the vital ministry of the Scottish Bible Society.

Fi has a message for
all RME teachers! (That’s Religious and Moral Education Teachers for those of us who are not in the know !) - that she can deliver an interactive lesson on the Bible in keeping with the Christianity strand of the secondary RME curriculum, particularly for older students.

If you’d like to meet or speak with Fiona Baker, she will be at two major Christian youth events in
Scotland this summer:
Frenzy on 9 June at Ingleston and
Crossover from 15 - 17 June at the Broomlee Centre in
West Linton.
If you’re at either of these events, Fi encourages you to stop by the Scottish Bible Society table and say hello!"

Or you can contact Fi at the Scottish Bible Society – her direct line is 0131 347 9821 or email

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