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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sponsors needed for Malawi

The congregation and organisations of the West Kirk in East Kilbride Village are planning to mark the 60th anniversary of East Kilbride’s designation as a new town by making a CD to raise money to help villagers in Malawi.

The plan is to raise up to £5000 to build a clinic in Kapnda Village, refurbish the local school and, create a farm with cows, goats and chickens.

Currently, about 480 orphans live in the village, looked after by the local minister and villagers. It is hoped that the farm will make them self-sufficient in food and provide an income through selling their surplus to Kamuzu College of Nursing.

The principal of Kamuzu College has already pledged that she will give them a contract for this. , Her students will be carrying out work in the village and it is hoped the project will also bring health benefits to the orphans and the mums and babies of the village.

The CD will include a selection of Christmas carols sung by members of the West Kirk congregation, the Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Guides, Brownies, choir and other church organisations.

It is hoped 500 copies will be available for sale, priced £10 each, in the autumn.

To allow every penny raised by the sale of the CD to go to Africa, the church is hoping sponsors will help them with the cost of licensing, producing and printing the CD a cost expected to be about £1000. Sponsors will have their contribution acknowledged on the CD cover.

Any company or organisation willing to help can contact Lorna Sankey on East Kilbride 571479.


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