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Monday, July 09, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

British Christians urged to ‘Pray for the police’ in the wake of terror attacks

By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST Ministries

LONDON, UK (ANS) -- The UK Evangelical Alliance is calling on its members to pray for the police and security services as they investigate the recent terrorist attacks and seek to prevent a backlash against Muslims.

A spokesperson said, “The Alliance is relieved that, as a result of these incidents in London and Glasgow, there have been no deaths. However these events raise major challenges for the police and the Government and threaten community cohesion.”

Dr. R David Muir, the Evangelical Alliance's Public Policy Director, said: “I would encourage Christians to pray for the Government and senior officials of the police and security services as they seek to tackle the evil of the violent extremism.

“Christians should look for ways that they can support their Muslim neighbors as citizens and strengthen common bonds so that communities are not intimidated by these threats.”

Don Axcell, Executive Director of the British Christian Police Association, added: “Please pray for the police and the security services that they may make good use of the intelligence they find.

“We would also ask for people to pray for protection for those dealing with any suspect devices that are discovered and for wisdom as they work with Muslim communities to build trust and confidence.”

You can visit the Christian Police Association for more information on how you can pray for the police services. Their website is:

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