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Monday, November 27, 2006


On 7th December the Scottish Parliament will debate the final stage of the Adoption and Fostering ( Scotland ) Bill. The Bill allows same-sex and unmarried couples to jointly adopt children.

There is seriously concern about the implications of this proposal which may not be in the best interests of children.

Those who share this concern are being encouraged to to contact their MSPs about this and ask them to oppose attempts to introduce same-sex and unmarried adoption.

Sadly there is a likelihood that the proposal will be accepted by the Parliament. This means that Christian adoption agencies may be forced to place a child with a same-sex or unmarried couple.

In the view of CARE, this would be a serious breach of religious liberty and are encouraging people to write to their MSPs, if they are minded to allow same-sex and unmarried adoption, that a clause is inserted in the Bill to allow faith-based adoption agencies to make, or refuse to make, placements according to their religious ethos and conscience.

You have 8 MSPs - 1 representing your constituency and 7 representing your region. You can find a list of your MSPs by following this link:

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