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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anyone for A Year with an MSP?

Do you know a young Christian person with an interest in politics who would benefit from spending a year working in the office of an MP or MSP?

If so, the CARE Intern programme may be just the thing for them.

Over recent years more than 100 young people have come through the Intern Programme and many are already in positions of considerable responsibility in public life. The first MP from the scheme was elected to Westminster in 2005.

At a time when many of the Christian values of our country are being challenged in the nature of some of the legislation recently passed, the CARE Intern Programme is an investment in the potential of young Christian people who aspire to live out their faith in the public sphere.

Please pass this information on to any young people you think might be Interested.

You can find more information at or contact the CARE for Scotland office on 0141 332 7212 for a brochure.

Please note that the closing date for applications for the 2007-8 Intern Scheme is 2nd January 2007.

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