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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Christian Villages Used as Shield

Christian Solidarity International reports that Hezbollah forces are using Christian villages and homes in southern Lebanon to shield military attacks against Israel.

"Hezbollah is repeating the same pattern that it practiced against Israel in 1996," said former South Lebanese Army commander Col. Charbel Barkat.

"Hezbollah is hiding among civilian populations and launching attacks behind human shields."

An unnamed Christian villager from the predominantly Christian village of Ain Ebel reported that Hezbollah guerrillas launched rockets from his rooftop despite his pleas not to. He immediately gathered his family and left just minutes before Israeli forces destroyed his home.

Once the majority, the Christian population in Lebanon since the civil war has declined to less than 40 percent due to pressures by Islamic militias supported by Iran and Syria.

(Christian Newswire)

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