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Friday, June 06, 2008

Changing the way the Church Communicates

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Innovative leaders gather to change the way
the Church communicates with the World

By Michael IrelandChief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA (ANS) -- Fifty-five leaders from 49 organizations met last week to "ignite a global movement of visual story for the sake of Christ's kingdom."

The Visual Story Network Summit was a unique gathering of Christian leaders representing mission groups, Bible agencies, creative networks, media producers, filmmakers, distributors, universities, churches and television broadcasters.

Leaders responded to the need for new ways to contextualize the gospel in an increasingly visual world.

"These participants are among the most innovative thinkers and practitioners in the world. They understand the need to move beyond 'preach' and 'print' to 'portray,'" said Clyde Taber, Executive Director for the Visual Story Network.

At the Summit, significant relationships were begun among experts who care deeply about the Kingdom and the power of visual story.

"Great conference!" Shane Sooter of City on a Hill Productions commented. "I'm still buzzing with the possibilities. The networking and connections alone made it worth my time, but the potential for the future is the real prize."

During the Summit, strategy groups formed to focus on North America, global opportunities, training visual communicators and facilitating communication and collaboration. Next steps for the Visual Story Network include a regional event in Dallas in the fall, developing an online networking platform and expanding partnerships with other innovative organisations.

"Though challenged by discerning the best approach in moving forward together, I'm thrilled by the deep desire among these men and women to work together more effectively," Taber said.

The American Bible Society, Youth with a Mission, Highway Video, Asbury College, Sermonspice, SAT 7, Navigators, JESUS Film Project, Northland Church, Igniter Media, Good News Productions, Hollywood Connect and Mission America were among the organisations involved.

The Visual Story Network is a coalition of missional and creative leaders working together to help the body of Christ more effectively harness the power of story in visual media for the Kingdom of God. The event was hosted by the Book of Hope at the Marie Green Forum for Global Missions in Pompano Beach, Florida.

For more information contact Shirin Taber at , +1 949 235 5148,
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