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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Religion features at the Fringe

Religion has emerged as a theme in this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including two shows which feature Jesus as a stand-up comedian.
"Clearly it's a very personal subject that artists and writers currently feel a particular need to explore," said festival director Paul Gudgin.
The annual Fringe, now in its 60th year, will put on 1,867 shows in 261 venues between 6-28 August 2006.

Plays include
  • We Don't Know Shi'ite, about the ignorance surrounding Islam.
  • According to Jesus, and Jesus: The Guantanamo Years both feature Jesus Christ as a comic.
  • Bible Babel Live! will give Fringe-goers the opportunity to see the Bible read from start to finish in 80 hours over 10 days including readings in English, Greek and Chinese.
  • Petrol Jesus Nightmare, from the Traverse Theatre Company, is about violent consequences of faith .
  • Breaking the Pope centres on the infamous Magdalene laundries, essentially religious-run workhouses for women in Ireland that are said to have existed until the mid-90s.

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