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Friday, June 02, 2006

Braehead Prayer Room

Shoppers will be able to take time out and pray at Braehead Shopping Centre.

A prayer room for visitors of all religions has opened on the lower mall of the shopping centre to "provide moments of peace and solitude" away from the crowds.

Religious leaders praised the move and described it as "a very thoughtful initiative" and a "welcome and a considerate action".

Braehead's chaplain, Church of Scotland minister Rev Elisabeth Spence, said:
"This is a place where people of all religions can come to pray.

"Or it can just be a place staff and shoppers can come to for some quiet contemplation and take a few moments away from the hustle and bustle."
A spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland said:
"The need for a still and calm space in the busy lives people lead is greater than ever."

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