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Thursday, May 18, 2006

UK Government Promotes Homosexuality

The United Kingdom Government is planning sweeping gay rights laws which will
  • effectively promote homosexuality over all other belief
  • disallow freedom of thought
  • promote homosexuality in schools and
  • curtail religious liberty
The government has published a consultation on their proposed laws but has issued no text of the act.

The governemnt is also endeavouring to infroduce this law using undemocratic means.
  • Once the Act is published in parliament, no amendments will be permitted
  • both houses of parliament will be permitted to vote only for or against the act.
The new sexual orientation regulations will make 'homophobic' discrimination illegal in many aspects of life. They are set to cover:
  • the provision of goods, facilities and services;
  • the selling or letting of premises;
  • education; and
  • public authorities.
The plans will follow the approach taken with new religious discrimination provisions in the Equality Act 2006 and existing laws covering race and sex. The term 'goods, facilities and services' is very broad, covering, for example, hotel or guesthouse accommodation, retail sales and the services industry.

The new Sexual Orientation Regulations will mean that it will be illegal to treat a homosexual differently when providing a good, facility or service. In most cases, any Christian business would want to sell its products regardless of who the purchaser is. A bookshop would be as happy to sell a Bible to a homosexual as to anyone else. But should the law force Christian B&B owners to give homosexuals a double bed? Should it become illegal for a church to refuse to hire out its hall to gay rights activists? This would be as ridiculous as forcing the Labour Party to hire out its HQ to the Conservatives.

Without an exception the regulations would cover the school curriculum. This could force the equal promotion of homosexuality and heterosexuality in schools, a move which threatens to be just as controversial among the public as the repeal of Section 28. Could these laws be used by gay rights groups to stop Christian Unions in schools, as activist students already try to do in universities?

The sexual orientation regulations create civil, not criminal, laws. This means that they are relatively easy to use - activists could launch legal actions against their opponents with little difficulty. And sadly there are people who oppose Christians strongly enough to do so.

The Government is currently consulting on it's planned regulations. The deadline for the consultation is 5 June. Copies of the consultation paper are available online at or can be obtained from:
DTI Publications Orderline
London SW1W 8YT
Tel: 0845-015 0010
Fax: 0845-015 0020
Minicom: 0845-015 0030
the Christian Institute has prepared a briefing document which is available at
and a summary of the issue can be found at

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