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Friday, February 24, 2006

Channel Four Programme

Joe and Helen Roberts – the Christian couple interrogated by police for complaining about their local council’s ‘gay rights’ policy – will feature on a Channel 4 documentary on Monday night 27th February 2006 in a programme which will also consider other similar religious liberty cases.

The Dispatches programme, called ‘Stealing Your Freedom’, will be broadcast at 8pm on Monday.

Political commentator Peter Hitchens will look at how the recent avalanche of security legislation has affected the civil liberties of ordinary people in Britain, arguing that the government's measures, designed to protect us from crime and terrorism, are in fact a menace to freedom and not a threat to criminals.

Last year, the Roberts complained to their local council over its ‘gay rights’ policies. They were shocked to receive a visit from the police, who questioned them for over an hour and told them they were close to committing a ‘hate crime’.

In reality, there is no crime against expressing the view that homosexual practice is morally wrong. The Roberts have asked the police and the council to apologise but both have refused to say they acted improperly.

The Channel 4 programme will also feature the case of Harry Hammond, a Bournemouth street preacher convicted of breaking the law for holding a sign saying homosexuality is immoral. Many lawyers are dumbfounded that he was convicted.

Channel 4 TV can be received in most parts of the United kingdom on both analogue and digital terrestrial TV services and also on channel 104 on the Sky satellite service in the UK and Europe.

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