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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christians Give More

Evangelical Christians in the UK give nine times as much to charity as the average householder according to figures from a survey by Christian Research.

In this survey Evangelicals, of which there are, at a conservative estimate, around one and a half million in the UK, said their total giving, divided between churches, Christian and other charities, amounts to 12% (around £3000) in after-tax income for the average household. The average level of charitable giving in the UK population is estimated at 1.4% of after-tax household income.

Bill Lattimer, of Christian Research, a member organisation of the Evangelical Alliance, commented, “These findings show that evangelical Christians are very different from the population at large in the way that they use their money. Some of the most generous in our survey, proportionately, were Christians on low incomes. These people clearly organise their finances so that they can give priority to their church and their favourite charities.”

In addition, evangelicals are much more likely to leave a legacy to a church or charity in their wills than the population as a whole. According to the survey 23% have already included a legacy in their wills compared with just 5% of the population as a whole whose published will includes a donation to charity.

Helen Calder, Finance Director of the Evangelical Alliance, said, “These figures confirm what a valuable resource Christians are in terms of charitable giving. Christians give very generously to organisations that have a distinctly Christian ethos and the Government should take note of that and empower more churches and Christian groups to run charitable programmes.”

The survey also suggests that the willingness by evangelicals to give generously is directly linked to the amount of teaching they receive on giving from their churches.

The ‘Money Management’ survey of 1,200 evangelical Christians, from all the main Protestant denominations, such as Anglican, Baptist and the Salvation Army, was sponsored by Kingdom Bank. Some of the questions were framed by the Stewardship Forum of the Evangelical Alliance, which helps Christians develop their understanding and practice of biblical principles of stewardship.

Chris Sheldon, Director and Deputy Chief Executive of Kingdom Bank said, “Kingdom Bank has been delighted to sponsor this research which shows that evangelical Christians are generous with their money, regularly giving a significant proportion of their income away to help charities and churches. As a leading Christian Bank we aim to use this information to develop our services to enable evangelicals to make even better use of their money across the UK and beyond. It is also worth noting that we too, as part of our strong Christian values, distribute 10% of our annual profits to Christian charities.”

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