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Friday, November 14, 2008

Present Aid - ethical presents for Christmas

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Present Aid has over 30 fun and unusual gift ideas that will be loved by everybody and also help poor communities around the world through projects around the world.

Whether it is something sporty for a super fit granddad, a new bike for the green member of the family or an unusual pet for the kids, Present Aid is sure to have the perfect gift. And, not only will it be their loved one who benefits, a Present Aid gift will also help to make a lasting difference to someone else’s life.

How does it work? For each present that is ordered a gift card that is sent to be given to a friend or family member. Each card describes how Christian Aid helps people in the developing world improve their own lives, and has a space to include a personalised message.

Where does the money go? The gifts on sale are virtual. This means that whatever present bought, the money will go directly to a project fund relevant to the gift. For instance, if you buy a goat, ducks or even composting worms, that money goes directly to our agricultural and livestock fund. There are six of these project funds; Agriculture and livestock, Emergency and disaster preparedness, Healthcare (including HIV/Aids), Power & energy, Training and education, Water and environment.

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