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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Government Cowards Stifle Debate

  • United Kingdom Members of Parliament were last night denied the opportunity for debate as the Government rushed the Sexual Orientation Regulations through the Commons at short notice. MPs approved the regulations by 310 votes to 100.
  • Church leaders have openly criticised the Government for stifling debate in the Commons regarding the regulations.
  • The House of Lords will vote tomorrow evening on whether to accept or reject the regulations.Peers will not be allowed to amend the regulations.
  • The Lords vote has been timetabled by the Government to happen on the same day as the Budget is announced by the Chancellor - a move which is being viewed as a deliberate attempt to push the regulations out of the media spotlight.
With mounting opposition to this regulations from faith groups, the UK's Labour Government has chosen to take the route of ignoring democracy in an endeavour to force unwanted and unnecessary regulation on the British public.

Those entitled to vote in the imminent elections for the Scottish Parliament and Scottish local authorities may wish to take note of how a modern Labour government is willing to steamroller over the views of the electorate - and examine all the alternatives which will be available to you.

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